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Outlook for iOS/Android:

Very nice. Whisper it, but it may be time to look again at Office 365 vs Google Apps.

The App Business

Mobile app development company, London, UK - iPhone, Android & Windows developers


Distribute iOS/Mac/Android app builds to testers, get feedback, view analytics and review crash logs. Similar to TestFlight


Mobile App Performance Monitoring and Crash Reporting

What’s in a Name?

Is it a condom or is it Android?

Mobile HTML5

HTML5 feature compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices


“Heroku for Mobile” - data storage, sync, push, users, social integration using Parse’s SDKs for iOS and Android

dgAway - Android Market

Android app to forward SMSs, auto-respond with a SMS and more.

Grapple Mobile

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. mobile app developers.As used on The Apprentice

Sencha Touch

Sencha (new name for ExtJS) provides a mobile web app Javascript framework that delivers an iOS-like experience, but also on Android touch devices.

Worst. Bug. Ever.

Anything you type on (current version of) Android is also executed at the shell as root! So you can of course rm -rf /* Debug code can be a very dangerous thing.