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Creating Usability with Motion

Good to great UI animation tips

ustwo: Infusing Brand Spirit Into the UI of Knopka

Creating personality/brand through motion and subtle animations


slick - the last carousel you'll ever need

Nifty Modal Window Effects

GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery is a Mac OS X application that lets you convert brief clips from your video files into GIFs.

FlipCard.js: Make a flip card with CSS3 and HTML5

A Collection of Page Transitions

CSS and JavaScript animations in the browser

Transitional Interfaces

Adding small amounts of animation greatly helps UX and UI design


HTML5 friendly Mac animation tool. Don’t mention the F word.


Winner of the Best Short at this year’s Oscars. Saw this several times at LeWeb.


Vic & Bob style handbaggery. Notable also as a great example of using HTML5 and webkit animation

Simplest jQuery Slideshow

Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage

jQuery liScroll - a jQuery News Ticker

I’d rather never have to use this, but just in case, it’s a news ticker scroller thing

jQuery pageSlide - Halobrite

Lovely effect that slides the entire page to the left to reveal a fixed sidebar

Flare | Data Visualization for the Web

AS library for data visualisation in Flash

Using jQuery for Background Image Animations


Parallax effects with jQuery and some simple markup