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Stumbled upon this old team sheet of a very famous game recently. Note: 1-11, surnames only, no frills. Simpler tim…

When your house is on fire you don’t wait to see if it goes out by itself, you call 999 straight away.

@arseblog on Arsenal’s inaction over Centre Back injuries. Clearly negligent to start the season so unprepared.

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🎥 "IT'S UP FOR GRABS NOW...THOMAS!" Even after 27 years, we still get goosebumps. What. A. Moment. #Anfield89
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@barryf Ut oh.....

@cronkshaw Have you tried this? Try as I might, I just can’t make Arsenal champions…

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@barryf any prediction for this evening?

@GrahamM_6t9 With Kolo in defence, Benteke out of form and no Coutinho we really should win. Not saying we will though :)

Love this evocative recount of the greatest league finish there will ever be: Arsenal in 1989

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In 2004, Jeremy Corbyn backed a motion in parliament to recognise @Arsenal as "the best team in the world".
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Golden Goal: Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal v Newcastle (2002). By @alansmith90 (Pic: Reuters)
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Celebratory Burger King And Onion Rings. Loved that.

In September 2006 I posted one of the first ever tweets about Arsenal Football Club, lamenting my team’s fondness for always trying to walk it in after watching a frustrating draw with Middlesborough at The Emirates.

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Lost Destination: Highbury

60 x 80cm version of our Highbury print which pays homage to Arsenal’s much loved home from 1913 to 2006.


Boston Gooners

Useful for when I visit the US office

Can UK economy stay top of the league?

Robert Peston with an entertaining comparison of the recent upturn in the UK economy with Arsenal’s ascent to the top of the league. Arsenal answered fan discontent by signing Özil while the government boosted confidence through the Help to Buy scheme.

We just need to buy a striker/get a new PM…


Arsenal are attempting to trademark the word “gooner”.

Red and white cashmere Arsenal scarf

This would make a great Christmas present…

Seeding in the Champions League 2006/2007

Arsenal seeded third for the third qualifying round

Arsenal Stadium tour photoset

I must must must get round to doing this before they shut the gates for good