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Useful HTML attributes and advice from @adactio when dealing with 2FA and authentication, e.g. on password change forms, use autocomplete="current-password" and autocomplete="new-password" to distinguish the input controls.

Improve Your Billing Form’s UX In One Day

Tips on autocomplete and input masking

Quick Tip: Autocomplete Git Commands and Branch Names in Bash

ichord/At.js · GitHub

An autocompletion library to autocomplete mentions, smileys etc. just like on Github or Twitter.

Twitter Typeahead.js

Autocomplete jQuery plugin

jQuery Tag Suggestion

Works just like’s tag suggester, over Ajax or pre-determined

Inquisitor 3. Spotlight for the web.

Safari Livesearch/Spotlight add-on

Ajax latency

Demo showing the effects of latency on an autocomplete control