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Spent the afternoon at the AWS Builders’ Day in London learning about Serverless. Believing the hype.

AWS stage


Should/could your EC2 server be replaced with Lambda?

AWS in Plain English

Registered myself for the Builders’ Day at May’s AWS Summit London. I’m hoping to attend the Serverless sessions.

I finally got round to trying some AWS basics:

  • Route 53 for DNS of
  • S3 for static web hosting
  • CloudFront in front of S3 for HTTP/2 and CDN
  • SSL certificate via ACM

Hate the UI but it was reassuringly easy. Next to try: Lambda and API Gateway.


An implementation of Amazon’s DynamoDB built on LevelDB


Python Serverless Microframework for AWS

Reposted Venntro Development Venntro Development’s post on Twitter
New post: "Automating the build and deployment of our team site with Jekyll, GitHub, Travis, S3 and CloudFront"


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