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The Ruby cloud services library. Whether you need compute, dns, storage, or a multitude of other services, fog provides an accessible entry point and facilitates cross service compatibility.

Setting up CloudFront and TLS (HTTPS) with Jekyll


Amazon Web Services™ are available in several regions. Click the button below to estimate the latency from your browser to each AWS™ region.

MMS: The easiest way to run MongoDB

Cloud managed MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice

AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Ruby 2

AWS SDK for Node.js


Python interface to Amazon Web Services

Amazon ElastiCache

Memcached compatible cache nodes on AWS

Amazon Web Services for Ruby

Includes access to S3, EC2, SimpleDB and more, all through the AWS gem.


S3 backup for Mac

Host Your Static Website on Amazon S3

Cheap, Easy Audio Transcription with Mechanical Turk

Describes how Amazon’s MT can be used for small, laborious tasks. May be useful for profile/photo moderations

S3Hub: S3 Client for Mac OS X

Amazon EC2 image of BlueDragon/CentOS5/Jetty

Free way of hosting a ColdFusion application using the newly open sourced BlueDragon engine

Getting Started with Amazon EC2


AWS hosted container for GAE applications

Using SimpleDB and Rails in No Time with ActiveResource

Amazon SimpleDB thoughts

Odd that it doesn’t support full-text search and, especially, sorting. Not liking that query syntax much either.

Amazon DevPay

Billing and accoument management services for apps built on top of EC2 and S3. Tracks resource usage and bills your customers.

Amazon SimpleDB

Launch announcement of SimpleDB