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40p a day for all this! A world without the BBC (and its presenters) would be a worse one. #bbcpay

While I’m a staunch BBC supporter/defender, I can’t see the need or fit for its new BBC+ portal-style app. Surely it only invites further criticism from commercial rivals?

The BBC Micro turns 30

BBC closes WML mobile site

<1% of traffic (presumably mobile traffic) so now focusing solely on HTML.

A new global visual language for the BBC's digital services

New look coming soon, plus a history of previous designs

Stewart Lee returns in 'Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle'

Wonderful self-review of his new series, published in Time Out.

TellyBox, a Mac app that allows you to watch live and catchup BBC Television

Smartly done wrapper for the BBC iPlayer. See also RadioAunty for radio equivalent

BBC - Radio Labs - How we make websites

boxee: the open, connected, social media center for mac os x and linux

Now supports BBC iPlayer. Time to get myself a Mac Mini and start using this - will also work with Apple TV.

BBC Programmes iPhone webapp experiment

Uses only DashCode - no external JavaScript libraries. With link to the source/github

BBC - Radio Labs - Some iCal views into /programme data

iCals for BBC programmes

BBC - Radio Labs - Still Playing in the Cloud

DAB text updates over XMPP. Demonstrates XMPP/Javascript library

The new BBC homepage

Big logo + old skool clock

BBC - Radio Labs - Radio Labs - Perl on Rails

The BBC Radio Labs chaps have made their own Rails clone in Perl

Tomski: The BBC's Fifteen Web Principles

BBC Weather Widget

At last I can get real weather on my Dashboard. Far more accurate than the Apple/AccuWeather one


Plugin for Slim devices that allows users to play live/on-demand BBC radio content

Chaucery Blog: Doctor Who's very special effects

Doctor Who screencaps show assembler/BASIC code on screen to produce effects

hackdiary: The BBC's programme catalogue (on Rails)

BBC to open archive using Rails-powered super DB