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How we registered a UK trademark without a lawyer

ustwo: Infusing Brand Spirit Into the UI of Knopka

Creating personality/brand through motion and subtle animations

Alice Lee

I’m Alice, an illustrator and designer. I most recently worked at Dropbox, and am now freelancing while working on independent projects.


Online logo design & creation


Ready-made logos and brands for sale


A collection of major brand color codes


Buy a domain packaged with its own logo. List of startup-friendly names for $250 each.

Great rules for choosing a name

Distinctiveness, brevity, appropriateness, easy-to-spell, pronounceability, linkability, extendability, protectability…


Mobile ad exchange network

140 Proof

Targeted adverts on Twitter

SoftFacade — We create digital brands

Stunning icon designs and branding

Yahoo's Incomprehensible Mission Statement

“Yahoo! powers and delights our communities of users, advertisers, and publishers - all of us united in creating indispensable experiences, and fueled by trust.”


Winner of the Best Short at this year’s Oscars. Saw this several times at LeWeb.

A new global visual language for the BBC's digital services

New look coming soon, plus a history of previous designs

Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices

Dimensions, best practices and nice examples of backgrounds

Tropicana Line's Sales Plunge 20% Post-Rebranding

That’s quite some drop off. Product recognition is so important. (via Kottke)

Hivelogic - Why Your Avatar Matters

Consistent use of the same avatar in all services helps associate the account with you. I’ve been using the same (cheesy) photo everywhere for the last couple of years.

Jay Fields' Thoughts: Be Your Start-Up

Advocacy for writing, presenting and contributing to establish your own reputation/brand

2008 Coolest Brands in the UK

Aston Martin at number one


Instant domain searching via Ajax