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Caching and Serving Stale Content With Nginx

Reverse Proxy Caching Example - Nginx


“ApiAxle is a proxy that sits on your network, in front of your API(s) and manages things that you shouldn’t have to like rate limiting, authentication and caching. It’s fast, open and easy to configure.”


Memcached client for Ruby

Amazon ElastiCache

Memcached compatible cache nodes on AWS


Inlines and compresses all the resources of a page into one downloadable HTML file. For use offline or on a mobile.


Easy-to-use Ruby HTTP/REST client library with caching support

Blazing Fast Speeds with Sinatra and Memcached

Installing Varnish with nginx, Passenger, and Monit on Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid

Install a HTTP accelerator for full caching with Rails on Passenger.

Ruby memcached

Ruby interface to libmemcached C client

Rate limiting with memcached

Great idea for limiting access attempts using memcached rather than repeated database hits. Suggested use is resisting dictionary password attacks; could also be used for resisting spammers

Things Caches Do

Many things I didn’t know, including how to use last-modified and etag cache validators.

Scaling Out

Facebook’s two data centres: for each update they include instruction in MySQL replication log to expire the object in memcache. Whenever user updates their data a cookie is set and for next 20s the LB uses Level 7 to send them to the master data centre so the slave has time to catch up and expire the cache.

WP Super Cache

Possibly the best WP cache out there


Ruby library intended for Twitter that caches results from an API for 10 minutes and copes if the API is unavailable. Will use Memcache if available.

Strategy: Break Up the Memcache Dog Pile

How to refresh stale data without killing your database


Another PHP opcode cacher

APC (Alternative Page Cache)

Caches PHP opcode into memory to stop the need for compilation on each request

iPhone Cacheability - Making it Stick

Notes on designing for the iPhone/iPod Touch - small cache so keep everything minified/small

Memcaching Rails — err.the_blog

Using memcache with Rails