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Online digital photo printing, print photos, photo cards, photo books and more

Appogee Leave

Holiday request system that’s fully integrated with Google Apps. Made by a UK company so uses UK terminology and language.

Time Flies

iOS app that shows how long it’s been since you did something, e.g. 7 days since I last called my parents


Free scheduling for a meeting or event (premium version without ads).

Meeting scheduler. Emails a meeting invitation with .ics after.


Large GCal-esque calendar plugin for jQuery

Google Web Elements

Embed Google things (maps, calendars, searches, comments, etc.) on your site

soundamus - personalized feeds of new and upcoming music releases

Put in your username and it’ll give you an RSS feed or .ics of your favourite artists’ upcoming album releases

WebDAV on Apache

Configuring WebDAV in Apache guide. Handy for iCal

iCal, Google Calendar, BusySync and MobileMe

All sounds rather messy to me. I’m not sure if push is worth all the faff

BBC - Radio Labs - Some iCal views into /programme data

iCals for BBC programmes


Enter a date using natural language


Contacts/Calendar syncing across virtually everything

BusyMac - BusySync for iCal

iCal synchronisation across Macs on a LAN

Spanning Sync Blog

Syncs iCal with Google Calendar - bidirectionally. Free while in beta

How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and Smartphones Automatically

Need to try this out and sync personal/work events


Connects to Outlook to display upcoming calendar/task items on the desktop background

Adactio Austin

Jeremy’s GMap/Calendar mashup. Good example of behaviour separation

DateBox - Intuitive Date Input Selection

Developer | Slider | Measure Map

Measure Map offers its Flash date slider selector for download - including FLA