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Liked Matt Haughey (@mathowie) Matt Haughey (@mathowie)’s post on Twitter
As a person that still knows/uses ColdFusion, I love Slack's engineering team posting "Hell yes we still use PHP!"


Application template for deploying Lucee 4.5.x (CFML/Java) apps on Heroku

State of the CF Union Survey 2016

Survey results from CF community. Much has changed since I last wrote CFML.

Very Simple Pusher And ColdFusion Powered Chat

ColdFusion 9 and OS X Lion

Groundhog Day: as with Snow Leopard, Adobe completely unprepared for a new release of OS X, citing other priorities.

i-SHORE Consultancy

Offshore/outsource ColdFusion developers based in India

Getting Started with Facebook Application Development using ColdFusion/Railo

JVM Error Installing 64-bit ColdFusion On Mac

The current (end of 2008) Mac JVM is rejected by the CF 8.0.1 64-bit installer. Mucking around with the default Java version at the shell fixes things. Yes, Apple changed this, but it’s disappointing that Adobe still hasn’t released a proper new CF installer that will work on an up-to-date Mac.

Ubuntu 8.04 Server 64-bit VPS with Apache 2.2, Tomcat 6.0 and Railo 3.1

CFML Advisory

Committee website for the advisory board. Sean Corfield and chums talking about Railo, ColdFusion and BlueDragon - Obtaining a user's geographical location based on their IP with GeoIP and ColdFusion

Simple guide to implementing MaxMind’s free/commercial GeoIP service using Brandon’s prepared JAR. Worked first time and finished integration within an hour.

CFML Advisory Committee

ColdFusion now has an advisory board of six containing just two Adobe employees


Scans ColdFusion CFCs to make sure all local variables are var scoped

Amazon EC2 image of BlueDragon/CentOS5/Jetty

Free way of hosting a ColdFusion application using the newly open sourced BlueDragon engine

ColdFusion support matrix

Now including 64-bit support - but Enterprise/Developer only

Quick review of the Facebook platform (with ColdFusion)

How can I process Excel files in CFML?

That’s read AND write

Lyla Captcha for ColdFusion

ColdFusion 8: Enable File, Image and Flash upload in the rich text editor

The Complete Guide to Adding Error Handling to Your ColdFusion Application : Raymond Camden's ColdFusion Blog