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A JSON-like data structure that can be modified concurrently by different users, and merged again automatically.


Team mailing list for links

Floobits: Cross-editor real-time collaboration

Pair progamming via Google Hangouts and real-time editing


Team inbox and chat for dev teams - a bit like Campfire with social integration.

Collaborative writing tool - hosted Etherpad Lite


Hosted private IRC with a web interface. Integrates with services like GitHub or others via HTTP POST

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

SubEthaEdit on the web

How P2 Changed Automattic — Matt Mullenweg

Twitter-like microblogging theme for Wordpress that threads comments and posts updates using Ajax. Used by WP for their internal communication.

Business/group focused microblogging Twittery tool. Like Yammer, but seems nicer

Remote pair-programming using iChat

Review Board

Code review tool by VMware devs. Review diffs and comment/discuss


Centralised discussion/comments system. Newly-acquired by Automattic


Rails issue tracking and repository browser

Unfuddle: Subversion Hosting, Bug and Issue Tracking

Jelly -- Working together is more fun for everyone!

Co-working for people to work together at home. Good for freelancers it seems

WriteMaps Site Map Application: Create, edit, and share your sitemaps online.

Beanstalk — Hosted Subversion for team leads

BusyMac - BusySync for iCal

iCal synchronisation across Macs on a LAN


Trac-like Subversion-integrating system using Rails. Used by Joyent

Campfire bots - SVN/Capistrano