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Companies Made Simple

UK company formation and registration, including privacy protection


Online accountants, advice, umbrella company, etc.

Clearbit - Free logo API

Free service to embed company logos via a very simple API


Look up personal and company information from domains and email addresses


Look up publicly available information about a company or people via an API


The ultimate company name, startup name and website name on the web


Technology companies in London

thoughtbot playbook

Experiences and best practices from the thoughtbot team

If Flickr had an ego

Dave Winer: “I wish every product had a spokesperson and ego behind it”

The head of X

Job title should reflect what someone is responsible for, rather than using generic COO, CIO, CTO, etc.


ConnectTweet lets real people represent your group or business on Twitter from their own Twitter accounts

The Way I Work: Matt Mullenweg, Leading Your Company

Fascinating article about the WordPress founder and his style of working and living.

Intranet Design Annual 2009: 10 Intranets With Great Usability

Table of contents to the paid-for report gives some useful information away


iPhone/web collective: Garrett Murray and chums

News! I’m leaving the Robot Co-op, starting Enjoymentland

Including Buster’s lessons on how to build a happy startup

2008 Coolest Brands in the UK

Aston Martin at number one

Start Your Own Business

User experience design, research and strategy :: Flow Interactive

London-based UX agency. Worked with the Guardian, EasyJet and others

Life at Google - The Microsoftie Perspective « Just Say “No” To Google

Interesting ideas regarding food and private space


London agency who get it right