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I’ve been using @tailwindcss for a few weeks and surprised myself by how much it clicked. Like many, I thought it was blasphemy, but building with it is fast and addictive. Happy to see dark-mode support and more in 2.0.

Tailwind Builder

Paid tool to create Tailwind layouts

Bonsai CSS

A Utility Complete CSS Framework for less than 10kb

minireset.css: a tiny modern CSS reset

Semantic UI

One of the nicer UI CSS frameworks. Not tied to React

Self-Host Your Static Assets


“Minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements” – just use semantic HTML and MVP does the rest.

Liked Keith J. Grant Keith J. Grant’s post “Resilient, Declarative, Contextual” on
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what defines a CSS mindset. Some people seem to “get” it, and others don’t. It’s always felt to me that if I could put my finger on that, maybe CSS would make more sense to those who have struggled with it. One…


Lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma.


Another CSS framework but quite easy to grasp and lightweight.

Flexbox Froggy

A [fun] game for learning CSS flexbox

How Flexbox works

(explained with big, colorful, animated gifs)


Creates CSS to implement CSS Grids.

HTML & CSS Is Hard

Great beginners (and beyond) tutorial for web development.


Small CSS framework with forms and grids


Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible.


Low-Level CSS Toolkit

Sticky headers

Medium’s CSS

The evolution of Medium’s CSS strategy

Ludicrously Fast Page Loads - A Guide for Full-Stack Devs