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A visualisation and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and graphs: make pretty pictures from your node/edge databases.


Javascript library for charting with effects and interactivity

The Case For An Older Woman « OkTrends

OK Cupid’s analysis of their membership base with lovely visualisations and intelligent interpretations

Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage

jQuery Visualize Plugin: Accessible Charts & Graphs from Table Elements using HTML 5 Canvas

Social Graph Explorer (me)

Sucks out data about you from Google’s Social Graph API, microformats and RSS feeds

Aggregation and the Edge.

Paul Mison’s thoughts on aggregating your distributed content, like Tom Insam, Jeremy Keith, Phil Gyford and others. Dual purpose: for your personal website and also backup in case things all go Magnolia.

Flare | Data Visualization for the Web

AS library for data visualisation in Flash


Intermediate between publishers and subscribers. Claims to support HTTP callbacks to remove need for polling. Supports multiple formats/protocols: XMPP, REST, etc.

Flexigrid for jQuery

Resizable/sortable grid component for jQuery

Scaling Out

Facebook’s two data centres: for each update they include instruction in MySQL replication log to expire the object in memcache. Whenever user updates their data a cookie is set and for next 20s the LB uses Level 7 to send them to the master data centre so the slave has time to catch up and expire the cache.


Everybody loves Sparklines

BBC - Radio Labs - Some iCal views into /programme data

iCals for BBC programmes


Visualise a JSON structure in nested HTML

Google Contacts Data API

Get user’s Gmail contacts without requiring username/password


Including how to make your backup Mac bootable. A complete swappable hard disc

Hivelogic - Regarding Backups

Backup strategies and options for Macs

CouchDB "Joins"

This seems like a lot of faffing to my relational brain, but handy to know how to achieve it

Agile Ajax: Using ActiveRecord to Migrate Legacy Data - Share and remix data using open standards

Bringing together lots of fun stuff in one place