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A batteries-included, multi-dialect (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, Oracle (including Oracle Wallet Authentication)) query builder for Node.js and the Browser


Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. It features solid transaction support, relations, read replication and more.


An implementation of Amazon’s DynamoDB built on LevelDB

Rails Database Best Practices

N+1 Queries or Memory Problems: Why not Solve Both?

Sequel cheatsheet

How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data


PostgreSQL GUI Tool for Mac OS X


Open source graph database from Google


It enables applications to store data locally while offline, then synchronize it with CouchDB and compatible servers when the application is back online

Firebase - Build Realtime Apps

“A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime.”

Web Hosting For App Developers –

I especially like the advice on backing up databases via slaves.

Scaling PostgreSQL Performance Using Table Partitioning


Open source project that aims at developing a recommendation framework based on graph data sources

Screencast: using ruby to add schema-less data to PostgreSQL

With hstore you can add schema-less data to PostgreSQL. This allows you to store model attributes without creating separate database columns. Watch how to do this using the activerecord-postgres-hstore gem.

Handling Growth with Postgres

5 tips from Instagram

Lanyrd's Big Move

Moving from MySQL to Postgres


MySQL replication listener based on ruby-binlog. Kodama provides a simple DSL to easily write your own replication listener. Can be used to do things like replicate from MySQL to Postgres, etc.

“The easiest way to run PostgreSQL on the Mac”


Database sharding for activerecord (Ruby)