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Modern JavaScript date utility library


Fast ISO8601 date parser and writer for iOS & Mac.


Ruby strftime generator

timeago: a jQuery plugin


Gantt chart (or date range visualiser) library for jQuery


Lightweight JavaScript date library


JavaScript library for date parsing, offsets, comparisons and conversions.


Free scheduling for a meeting or event (premium version without ads).

Dating Toolbox: 120 Sites For Singles To Find Love

Posted back in April, but still useful. Includes Singles365 and

DatePicker - jQuery plugin

eHarmony #1 Trusted Relationship Site - Move Beyond "Traditional" Online Dating

Now in the UK…


Enter a date using natural language

A strftime for Prototype

JavaScript Pretty Date | John Resig

Format boring UTC timestamps as “3 weeks ago” using Javascript

Determining Next Date with Excel -

Active Reload: Displaying nice relative dates

Advanced Date Parsing with ColdFusion

(and java.text.SimpleDateFormat)

Developer | Slider | Measure Map

Measure Map offers its Flash date slider selector for download - including FLA