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Prompted by Calum publishing an indie event page for the next Homebrew Website Club meeting in London, I’ve modified this site to support sending RSVPs.

Nice way of prioritising features: wait until you have a use-case before building.


Simple, powerful event software

Offers PDF and Apple Wallet ticketing

Centralised Event Logging with RabbitFeed


Free events list tool


Simplifies event programming in JavaScript with await and defer keywords. Apparently good for Node.js

Conference organiser's handbook

Focuses on cheap and cheerful events organised by volunteers (rather than Future of Xs)

The future of analytics products

Comprehensive analysis of the myriad analytics tools that go beyond GA

Max Events

Stag & Hen party weekends and corporate events in Bournemouth, Bristol and Oxford

Custom USB Flash Drives and Memory Sticks. Bulk and Promotional

Slough-based promo custom-designed USB stick service

Rails Underground

24-25th July in London with some decent looking speakers

London Web Week

“Seven days of web design and development events, taking place in central London from 26th May to 1st June, 2008.”

Keyboard Events and Codes

Handy testing page for key events

Geek in the Park - When the geeks come out to play.

In Leam, with the evening event at the Jug!

Encytemedia: Introducing CSS event:Selectors

A bit like Behaviour but fits better with Prototype

Andy Budd::Blogography: d.Construct 2005 Rundown

Andy’s coverage of an excellent day in Brighton