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Gmail Plugin in the App Gallery on SoundCloud

With source on GitHub for Chrome and Firefox extensions

Font-weight is still broken in all but one browser

Only Firefox 3 renders numeric (100, 200, …, 900) font weight values correctly

Firefox 3 anti-aliasing glitch

If you use the opacity CSS property you get ugly text in Firefox 3 Mac


Firebug plugin for debugging PHP in Firefox


Display PDFs within Mac Firefox, just like Safari

assert(♥) - New light

How to use Helvetica (Neue) Light successfully on Safari, FF2/Mac and FF3/Mac


Overlay grid guides in Firefox

YSlow for Firebug

Plug-in to Firebug that recommends steps to provide performance improvements

Debug flash with Firebug | Foobr, forever beta

Use the console commands for Flash

John Resig - getElementsByClassName in Firefox 3

Microformat parsers (and similar class-based query systems) are suddenly going to get rather fast

Mike's Musings: Adding handlers to Operator

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Operator

Firefox extension or Microformats

Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button []

Useful reminder of whether you’ve subscribed to a feed in Google Reader. Greasemonkey script.


Debug Flash in Firefox. Needs Flash 9 debug plugin

Optimized Firefox 2.0 for G4, G5, and Intel Macs: BeatnikPad Journal Myspace custom style remover

Greasemonkey script for removing a MySpace profile page’s style.

IE Tab :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

Open sites in IE in a Firefox tab

Inline Greasemonkey MP3 player

Put off Firefox 1.5's "Unresponsive script" dialogue

Google Browser Sync

Just what I need, although it’s yet another extension to bloat my Firefox setup with