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Activa Live Chat

Similar to Liveperson, but with a non-install front-end and a slick Flex interface

on AIR Tour : London

“What to Bring: Yourself, laptop, any Flex, HTML and JavaScript apps you want to get running on Adobe AIR. We will provide the beer, coffee, food, XBoxes, schwag, knowledge, venue and bits.”

Flex Frameworks

Working with Flex, AIR, and SQL

Air New Zealand - How far can I go?

Great example of a RIA slidey customer sales tool thing

Ext JS Blog - » Building a desktop application with Ext, AIR, Aptana and Red Bull

BrideL.OrG » Blog Archive » Flex Spell Checker Component

Uses unofficial Google toolbar API for the spell check

Daniel’s Stuff » Blog Archive » TextMate and Flex 2

WebORB for Ruby on Rails | Flex RPC and Flash Remoting for Ruby on Rails

Flex 2/ColdFusion multiple upload form

RubyOnRails (1.1) and Flex (2.0): Pt 1

Make Flex 2.0 play nicely with Rails - with XML

Mike Chambers: Tutorial : Using JSON with Flex 2 and ActionScript 3

Adobe Consulting: Flex 2 Style Explorer (beta) available

…with added aeon transparency.

Flex Framework:FABridge - Adobe Labs

Control Flex (or other Flash 8.5 swfs) from Javascript. Makes scripting easy-peasy

ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libraries - Adobe Labs

Flickr, Mappr, RSS, Atom, Odeo and YouTube libraries for Flex 2.0 Localizing Flex Applications

Flex 2 beta has built-in (compile-time) localisation support

Christian Cantrell: Clarifying the Term "Flex"

How to distinguish between the different products/technologies

Yahoo! Maps Web Services - Flex™ API Getting Started Guide

Guide to using YMaps with Flex

Why should a ColdFusion Developer care about Flex 2.0 - AS Fusion

Microsoft expresses designs on website teams | The Register

MS planning to move into Macromedia/Adobe graphics app space. Also a potential threat for server technologies like Flex.