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Pass in box sizes and get back sizes and coordinates for a justified layout

Third life: Flickr co-founder pulls unlikely success from gaming failure. Again

How to use jQuery with a JSON Flickr feed to display photos

Facebook | More Beautiful Photos

Maximum size of photos increasing soon from 720px to 2048px on the largest edge chaff. Introducing docent.

Building a Google App Engine powered site with the Flickr API

Ticket Servers: Distributed Unique Primary Keys on the Cheap

How Flickr keeps numeric IDs unique across multiple databases

Mobile Fotos • Flickr browser/uploader app for iPhone + iPod touch

Keeps GPS and EXIF data intact when uploading to Flickr

noticings : the game of noticing things around you

Geotag and tag your photos with ‘noticings’ on Flickr to play the game. Points awarded daily for numerous known and unknown reasons.

Flickr: Discussing manufacturing style photo URLs in Flickr API

Using a base58 conversion of photo IDs, like base62 but without 0, I, I and l. PHP function used by Flickr

Integrating Flickr into your Rails website

garrettmurray's js_twitter_flickr

Display latest tweet and Flickr photos via JavaScript+PHP. Uses Magpie to cache feeds

Upload from your desktop — more better! « Flickr Blog

New Flickr Uploader - now supports video

Flickr machine tag browser

Flickr API - simple PHP class

By Kellen, a Flickr dev

Beej's Python Flickr API

Code: Flickr Developer Blog » On UI Quality (The Little Things): Client-side Image Resizing

Make IE6/7 resize images smoothly. Flickr uses these techniques to show 75x75 images at 48x48

Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Counting

RRDTool/Ganglia for analysis at Flickr. Counts to a log over UDP.

Flickr: Lessons Learned while Building an iPhone Site

Avoid JS frameworks, optimise everything and keep page loads/ajax calls tiny

My CMS -

Tom Insam powers his own his own site with a custom CMS written in whatever language he’s playing with at the time. Currently Django. Slick Flickr/Delicious importy stuff

Flickr Engineers Do It Offline

How Flickr uses queues behind the scenes