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I finished the Fantasy Premier League @OfficialFPL season in 2,644th place (out of 5.9M). Not too shabby. More importantly, I topped our little work mini league.

Arsène Wenger became Arsenal’s manager when I was 17. Throughout my adult life - university, jobs, relationships, marriage and two kids - he’s been a constant. It’s a strange, sad feeling that he’s going. #MerciArsène for the beautiful football, the trophies and so many highs.

Samuel’s story: a heartwarming, eye-moistening video, no matter who you support.

When your house is on fire you don’t wait to see if it goes out by itself, you call 999 straight away.

@arseblog on Arsenal’s inaction over Centre Back injuries. Clearly negligent to start the season so unprepared.

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🎥 "IT'S UP FOR GRABS NOW...THOMAS!" Even after 27 years, we still get goosebumps. What. A. Moment. #Anfield89

New favourite podcast: @AthleticoMince. @realbobmortimer and @profanityswan talking about football and other nonsense in their brains.

Love this evocative recount of the greatest league finish there will ever be: Arsenal in 1989

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As the football season begins, a Micawber is someone who's unfailingly optimistic, even though that optimism is totally unrealistic.
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Golden Goal: Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal v Newcastle (2002). By @alansmith90 (Pic: Reuters)

Oh Facebook! That algorithm needs a lot more work…

Which sports team do you like?

BT spends £900m on Champions’ League rights. As a customer who still rarely gets more than 2Mbit/s from their broadband I’m not best pleased. And I doubt participating football clubs’ ticket prices will come down either.

Can UK economy stay top of the league?

Robert Peston with an entertaining comparison of the recent upturn in the UK economy with Arsenal’s ascent to the top of the league. Arsenal answered fan discontent by signing Özil while the government boosted confidence through the Help to Buy scheme.

We just need to buy a striker/get a new PM…

Lineup Builder

Quickly create football line-ups and formations

Basics of American Football (image)

Barclays Premier League 2012/13 fixtures

September looks like a very tough month for Arsenal


Arsenal are attempting to trademark the word “gooner”.

Red and white cashmere Arsenal scarf

This would make a great Christmas present…

Seeding in the Champions League 2006/2007

Arsenal seeded third for the third qualifying round

Codemasters : Games : Sensible Soccer - PS2

Sensi Soccer - the greatest footy game ever ™ - new version coming soon!

Surprise secret to soccer appeal

Football offers most surprises and thrashes all other sports. But it’s getting less fun…