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ThemeForest: Admin Skins

Gallery of attractive admin interfaces to download for a small fee

Mac app that acts as a pretend SMTP server, capturing email content so you can see how it would be delivered

Blogging from the Ballpit looks a very cool place to work. My last office involved much throwing of balls, but have taken it up to 11.

Rails Code Audit Tips - Filtered Parameter Logging

All form variables are logged in production log by default. Don’t forget to filter it if taking credit card numbers, etc.

Tutorial for Flash MP3 Player

ColdFusion 8 running PHP!

CF uses javax.script from Java 6 and can therefore use Quercus, a PHP implementation in Java

Particletree » Rediscovering the Button Element

Tidy method of consistent buttons - as used in Wufoo

Radiant 0.6 - Lapidary Release

…including a rather smart way of creating a fresh CMS