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Sign in (or up) with Google for Rails applications – Ruby gem by DHH

How I Start (Ruby gem)

Guide to building a gem by Steve Klabnik


Preview email in the browser instead of sending it


Twitter’s library for auto linking and extraction of usernames, lists and hashtags in tweets

Developing a RubyGem using Bundler

Amazon Web Services for Ruby

Includes access to S3, EC2, SimpleDB and more, all through the AWS gem.


Ruby gem that allows you to specify the individual processes needed to run your application in a Procfile. As used in Heroku’s Cedar stack.

Gem Versioning and Bundler: Doing it Right

Basic rules and principles for satisfying gem dependencies with Bundler

The Tumblr Gem

Very simple tumblr posting from the shell: eg “$ tumblr mypost.mdown”


Ruby gem to access the Twitter Streaming API

Thinking Sphinx

Ruby gem to connect ActiveRecord to Sphinx

Exciting times in Rails land

Rails 2.1 to feature timestamped migrations and fancy required Gem config code


Light-weight persistent queue server that speaks the MemCache protocol. It was built to drive Twitter’s backend, and is in production across Twitter’s cluster.


Lightbox JSON web app server framework, built on Ruby

Updating RubyGems and Rails in Leopard

Amazon Web Services EC2 Ruby Gem

Chad Fowler's Facebooker

Elegant Ruby wrapper for the Facebook REST API

Vlad the Deployer

Rails Rake based simple deployment gem

Camping, a Microframework


The Whiny Nil » Blog Archive » How To Build a Social Network with Ruby on Rails

Great list of relevant plug-ins, advice and links