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Reset, Rebase Workflow


Ruby bindings to libgit2

Working Copy

Git on iOS

Tripped me up today: Heroku’s GitHub auto-deployer doesn’t (currently) include git submodules

How to undo (almost) anything with Git

Squashing commits with rebase

My git workflow

Working Copy

git client for iOS 8. Works nicely with Textastic

Squash all my commits into one for GitHub pull request

Quick Tip: Autocomplete Git Commands and Branch Names in Bash


Git Workflows and Tutorials

Breakdown of git workflows including feature branches

freerange/recap · GitHub


Run Heroku buildpacks locally and remotely via Vagrant

Run Your Jekyll Site On Heroku

Describes use of Heroku’s new custom buildpack to generate the site at build time - much cleaner.

Moving from SVN to Git in 1,000 easy steps!

The story of Etsy’s move from Subversion to git for their 80-strong dev team.

Mastering Git Basics by Tom Preston-Werner

~1 hour video by GitHub’s Tom

Aha! Moments When Learning Git

@jimeh's git config and aliases

Why aren't you using git-flow?

A summary of git-flow and how to get started with it