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Grid Calculator

Use sliders for base font size, number of columns, column width and gutter width and it’ll calculate everything for you

Grid and Column Designs

Examples of well-designed grid-based sites

Open Source Food

Pretty recipe and cooking site. Liking the grids

blueprintcss - Google Code

CSS framework providing tight control of grids and typography

Subtraction: The Elements of My Style

How to design like Khoi Vinh

Grid Layout

Overlay activated by ctrl-shift-g to help you stick to a grid layout

Incremental leading : Journal : Mark Boulton

Data Grids with AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript

Adactio: Journal - Hybrid Design and the Beauty of Standards

Resources for developers crossing over into tyopgraphy, grids and layout design

Subtraction: Layers Cake

Grid-based layout design in Photoshop