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Automated backup to Strongspace with rsync, Automator, and Highrise - Vox

Another Strongspace/Automator backup recipe - this one uses rsync, Highrise and Growl

Rails Envy: "How I Learned to Love Testing" presentation

Video presentation on Rails testing: TDD and BDD with RSpec


Control iTunes on a remote Mac. Growl notifications too.

Sophiestication | CoverSutra

I’m trying this out and am so far impressed. It Scrobbles, adds key and Apple Remote support to iTunes and looks damn pretty. When something’s this well executed I don’t mind paying, even if I can do most of the functions using separate applications.

MacFusion | The GUI for MacFUSE

A handy interface for MacFUSE. Create favourites that mount SSH/FTP volumes. Sparkle, Growl, SSHKeyChain integration


Get Growl-powered notifications as Gmail is delivered