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GTD for hackers


Add cards to your chosen Trello list via Alfred

Inbox Zero for Life

The same approach to email triage I’ve been following for a few years


Using Omnifocus for GTD


Neat reminder/scheduler Mac menubar app.

Captio for iPhone

Fast-loading simple app that emails a note to you with optional photo attachment


“Checking your e-mail or Twitter account and finding a new message or some new updates from your friends is very… moreish. Each new ‘thing’ you discover is like a reward for your brain – well done!, it says, you checked for a thing, and you found one!”

Put Things Off

Collection of life hacks, advice and articles

Email. Twice daily. No more, no less.

And no cheating, even on your iPhone. 10am and 4pm are his times to check.

How to Effectively Manage Your (Huge) Todo List | Think Vitamin

Valuable insights from Ryan Carson, especially the quote “Your inbox is a todo list that anyone in the world can write to.” Must try these tips out.


Hide all other applications and dim the desktop background to help you focus

Inbox Heaven - The Ultimate Email Setup

Use Gmail and only Gmail. All accounts in one.

Advanced GTD with Remember The Milk

GTD Software Online for Getting Things Done » Vitalist

Web-based with a free plan

Things - task management on the Mac

Currently in alpha but looks fun to use

Anxiety - Lightweight To-do Management

HUD Mac todo app

Web-Based Time Management for Geeks -

Interesting automatic time logging based on the apps/sites you use and how you categorise them. Requires an installed “doohickey”. It’s not a replacement for something like Tickspot - you can’t say you were working on project X for example.

Kinkless | Simple tools.

GTD scripts for OmniOutliner Pro

Stikkit: Magic words, functional emails, and a handy cheat sheet | 43 Folders

Interesting GTD tips using Stikkit