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The fascinating story behind the ruins we have in Virginia Water in this long thread of tweets:

(@PaulMMCooper - you need a blog!)

Windsor Then and Now

Photos of Windsor from history

500 Greatest Albums of All Time | Rolling Stone

The web was born in France, not Switzerland

CERN straddles the border and the exact location where Tim Berners-Lee invented it was on the French side.

The BBC Micro turns 30

Infinite scroll + HTML5 History API

Experiment that modifies the URL with query parameters on the fly when you scroll down a long list of tweets so you can bookmark and return to the same position.

Responsive web design from the future

“Responsive web design is about a lot more than the size of your screen”. HTML5’s history API, pushState, replaceState, Hashbangs, Ajax, Pjax and other topics from GitHub’s designer

History Sniffing: How YouPorn Checks What Other Porn Sites You’ve Visited and Ad Networks Test The Quality of Their Data

Checks links to competitors to see if they’re purple (or whatever the visited colour is)

Snakes on the Web

Fascinating article that journeys from the beginnings of the web to present day Python/Django, concurrency and the pain of launching web apps in 2009.

Start Panicking!

Comprehensive demo of the link colour sniffing trick. The aim is to get browser makers to block the vulnerability.

How to Detect the Social Sites Your Visitors Use

Finds out which sites you visit based on browser history

Using your browser URL history to estimate gender

Examines link colours to see if you’ve visited certain male or female dominated sites

Ace Jet 170

Inspiration from old typopgraphy

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

GOOD Magazine | Goodmagazine - The 51 Best* Magazines Ever

Wired 14.11: The Perfect Thing

Great background stories to the iPod