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AWS in Plain English


Video Hosting for Business

Static Site Hosting with S3 and CloudFlare


UK Managed Hosting & Cloud Hosting Experts


Template project for deploying WordPress to Heroku

Nice pricing change(s) from @heroku: free SSL beta and dyno hour flexibility

Using Heroku for a custom domain with SSL suddenly became much more attractive (and affordable), especially for people running personal #indieweb sites.

How I deployed Middleman to Heroku

Trey Piepmeier's Solutions Log

A collection of handy sysadmin-y tasks


SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting For App Developers –

I especially like the advice on backing up databases via slaves.

Thoughts on Colocation

Stupid htaccess Tricks


Send, receive and track emails via API. HTTP or SMTP interface, server-side MIME, automated bounce/unsubscribe/complaint handling, full tracking.

You should Heroku

Advocacy for bootstrapping with Heroku and avoiding sysadmin tasks for as long as you can


Monitor APIs with scripted, multi-step tests. Reporting, analysis and alerting. Used by Twitter for their API.

Performance is a Feature


Node.js and Ruby hosting service, similar in concept and pricing to Heroku (simple free plan)

Nuts & Bolts: Potpourri

37Signals chose ServerCentral to co-lo their infrastructure

Ninja .htaccess

Krok uses some very smart .htaccess rules

Host Your Static Website on Amazon S3