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JetBrains Mono

Free coding font by JetBrains


iPad code editor with GitHub and Heroku support

Ciarán Walsh’s Blog » SVNMate

TortoiseSVN style information within Textmate’s project drawer

Eclipse Mylyn Open Source Project

Task integration between Eclipse and Bugzilla, Trac and others

TextMate Blog » Subversion support and ssh key pairs

Simple SVN editing over SSH in Textmate

Aptana: Download Aptana IDE Adobe® AIR™

Aptana: The Web IDE

HTML/CSS/Javascript Eclipse IDE

Ruby and Ruby on Rails editor with Ruby syntax highlighting and assisted Ruby coding for productive rolling with Ruby on Rails

IntelliJ IDEA for Ruby/Rails development

The power of ColdFusion and Textmate

Project RIDE-ME - Ruby on Rails Development for Windows!

It’s designed to be familiar for Visual Studio developers. Requires .NET 2.0

Using the Ruby Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse

RadRails - A Ruby on Rails IDE

Eclipse plugin for RoR development

Eclipse Tutorials