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Twitter API Wiki / Sign in with Twitter

Details of how to use Twitter to authenticate users via OAuth, pitching it head-to-head with Facebook and Google.

Hivelogic - Why Your Avatar Matters

Consistent use of the same avatar in all services helps associate the account with you. I’ve been using the same (cheesy) photo everywhere for the last couple of years.

Ghostly fingers of APIs (Phil Gyford: Writing)

Neil Crosby's vCard

Microformats enabled vCard - for reference

Anti-pattern recognition

Jeremy’s crusade against the password anti-pattern continues. I fully agree.

iovation Partners with ID Insight

Address verification can now be combined with device checks. I wonder if this will be wrapped up in one call?

41st Parameter

Internet Fraud Management, Detection and Prevention. Alternative to iovation?

MOO Business Cards

Offers print runs of as little as 50 cards with each personalisable. Coming soon.

Yahoo! Address Book API

Same idea as Google contacts API: means you don’t require a user’s username/password to find their contacts

Epeus' epigone: URLs are people too

Rather than use email addresses for signup, allow for OpenID/rel=“me” powered sites for authenticity

2007 Logo Trends

Ace Jet 170

Inspiration from old typopgraphy

James Clark's Random Thoughts: Thai personal names

Thorough breakdown of Thai names and each part’s significance


“An open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.”

hcard - Microformats

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

Represent human relationships with links

a work on process » A Ruby on Rails OpenID Server

Facebook, Defined Networks, and the Inverse of Metcalfe’s Law - Publishing 2.0

The more users, the less valuable each additional user will be


Rails plugin extracted from Dopplr that extends your User model to add contacts from the user’s Gmail, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and any Microformats supporting site

Garlik – PowerfulStuff – protect your online security, keep track of your online data

Tracks your personal information online