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I forgot to mention that I released a new indieweb ruby gem yesterday, indieweb-authorship (, an attempt to implement the Authorship algorithm ( I use it for webmentions,…
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Blog Redesign - Part 3 Mapping out my IndieWeb functionality are up!
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Over the last few months I have been completely rebuilding my social reader Together. So I felt I should write a post about it to highlight what's changed and show off what Together has to offer. First off just a little info on the idea of a social r…
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Thanks to @LisowskaAn @barryf and @loopdouble for braving the weather conditions last night for @HWCLondon's third anniversary 🎉 #indieweb
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Meeting details 12 June 2019 HWC London meeting Wednesday 12, June 2019 at 7:00pm — 8:30pm. hub by Premier Inn London Covent Garden, 110 St Martin's La…

It’s been a long time since my last one, but I’m pleased to be coming to the third anniversary of Homebrew Website Club London.

Microblogging with Serverless - Matt Moriarity

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This is Part 1 in a series exploring short-form posting, the IndieWeb, and taking control of your own online social workflow for a statically-generated site: A Low-Friction Workflow for Short-form Posting on A Statically Generated Site Preparing Yo…

Static Indieweb pt2: Using Webmentions

Using and some modern JavaScript to display webmentions on a static site.

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Oh IndieWebCamp. You come with a few things you want to for your own website, then you do some completely other things, and after that you leave with an even longer list of things to do for your own website. This year is marked as the ‘Year of the Re…
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Over the last several months, I've been slowly putting the pieces in place to be able to build a solid indieweb reader. Today, I feel like I finally have enough in place to consider this functional enough that I am now using it every day! One…
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@barryf I’ve been looking into microblogs and IndieWeb, and I gotta say that Transformative looks really nice. :) W…

@johankj Thanks! Yes, although it’s open-source (MIT licence), it’s probably a bit specific to my needs/design to be plug-and-play. I’d be happy to accept patches/issues though.

Microblogging / Paul Robert Lloyd

PRL on Facebook, Twitter, and IndieWeb technologies.

🎉 Jekyll’s default Minima theme now has #microformats baked in to its templates. Really pleased to see my pull request merged in the latest gem release. #indieweb

I’m coming

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test note post 05jan2018 i created this post at the original post contained only the above line. but i'm attempting to update this post and add this line at i chose the "edit all" button. it worked!!! using the micropubl…
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It's been a long time coming, but I've finally published a proper IndieAuth spec! IndieAuth has been around for years, and is even referenced by the Micropub spec. But until now, there wasn't a canonical version of the spec all in one place. Pre…

Nice! 🎉 Looking forward to going through this to see what I’ve missed in my implementations.

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There was a quick conversation on about RSS triggered by a post from Jason Dettbarn which, in turn, was in response to David Sparks' "The case for RSS." The upshot was that Google Reader was both the standard bearer and pall bearer for RSS…
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Finally made some updates to this website! On the surface, slightly refreshed design (single column). Under the hood, the Haskell part is now build with GHC 8.2 and the database is upgraded to Postgres 10. Also, a new section: KnowledgeBase. It's kin…
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Centralized POTUS becomes censored in a Silo + FB helps AfD bastards + bots manipulate + WhatsApp is down++ time for