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#IndieWebCamp NYC day 2! These #independents braved #jonasblizzard2016 to be here. #nofilter

This week, while in Boston, I finally attended my first #indiewebcamp – two days of sharing, hacking and working on projects with some lovely, friendly people to help further the independent web.

Getting back to building stuff was so rewarding personally, especially getting feedback from web legend Tantek Çelik and others also trying to solve the same problems.

Thanks to the organisers, Ben and David, and all the other attendees who made a British part-time developer feel welcome and renewed my passion to keep coding. Until the next IWC.

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#indiewebcamp Dinner at Cambridge 2015

Dinner with the #IndieWebCamp group in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to @tantek and Mozilla.

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#IndieWebCamp group photo at #MIT meetup

I’m attending @indiewebcamp Cambridge at @MIT on 2015-03-19..20

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