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A Software Designer Knows His Office Space, Too

New York Times review of Joel Spolsky’s wonderful new offices

Theme Garden | Tumblr

Forget the themes, the Tumblr gallery page itself is gorgeous

T Incorporated

Interesting Django-powered personal site that aggregates content from the author’s social services

CSSiPhone — Screens for all your iPhone needs.

Gallery of iPhone specific web design

Fog Creek's new office

Floorplan from Joel Spolsky’s new office

37signals office on a Sunday morning

Space Miner

Wilson Miner’s wife’s tumblelog. Lovely content, but I’m also interested in the lovely Tumblr theme Wilson has created for the missus.

Smart Return in Sifter

Impressive attention to detail - Sifter intelligently and elegantly handles where to return you to after performing an action. Interaction design at its finest.

The new Fog Creek office

Seriously expensive, but it sounds like an amazing place to work

Pattern Tap : Interface Collection for Design Inspiration

Jay Fields' Thoughts: Be Your Start-Up

Advocacy for writing, presenting and contributing to establish your own reputation/brand

The Grid System

Resources and tools for grid-based designs. Good example itself: horizontal and vertical grid alignment with a grid overlay toggler

Create with Context - How people really use the iPhone

Interesting to see how even expert users are confused - I’ve made a few of these mistakes too

School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design

(As you’d expect from Airbag) an attractive, well-designed grid layout. Great whitespace and balance

My CMS -

Tom Insam powers his own his own site with a custom CMS written in whatever language he’s playing with at the time. Currently Django. Slick Flickr/Delicious importy stuff On Wedding Design

Detailed story of how Cabel from Panic designed his wedding

eHarmony #1 Trusted Relationship Site - Move Beyond "Traditional" Online Dating

Now in the UK…

tap tap tap

Sexy iPhone apps and a beautiful website. Uses @font-face on webkit


Love the web design, love the t-shirts


Very fond of this font. Used by the Wufooers