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Building a simple IP geolocation service

JSON format geocoding service using MaxMind data. Source available on GitHub

Web Server Check

Find other domains associated with your IP/domain (eg shared hosting) - Obtaining a user's geographical location based on their IP with GeoIP and ColdFusion

Simple guide to implementing MaxMind’s free/commercial GeoIP service using Brandon’s prepared JAR. Worked first time and finished integration within an hour.

How To Make An IP-To-Country Tool With PHP and MySQL

Port Map and TCMPortMapper

Free app from the Coding Monkeys

Webmaster.Info : AOL Proxy Info

Information about the evil AOL mega proxy, including IP address ranges you can expect

Wackamole: use your resources

Manage multiple VIPs and balance across them

Country Network Allocations with Netmasks Included

Shows IP ranges/netmasks for each country. Updated daily.

IP to Location Service

Specify ipaddress parameter and it returns XML string with the country associated with the IP

Hungry Machine Blog: Super fast IP to lat/lng in Rails


Arsenal are attempting to trademark the word “gooner”.

The Dude

Network monitoring, pinging, discovery

SEOmoz :: AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup