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Mac iTunes mini controller with scrobbling, themes and a companion iPhone app for controlling playback of music (reverse Remote)

Turn Any MP3 into an iPhone Ringtone

Didn’t realise it was that simple - make a 30-second AAC file and change its extension to .m4r


Connects iLife apps (iTunes/iPhoto) to PS3

iTunes streaming to your iPhone

Via your Mac’s web server

ScrobblePod - for your iPod


Control iTunes on a remote Mac. Growl notifications too.

Sophiestication | CoverSutra

I’m trying this out and am so far impressed. It Scrobbles, adds key and Apple Remote support to iTunes and looks damn pretty. When something’s this well executed I don’t mind paying, even if I can do most of the functions using separate applications.

iTunes on the Wii!!! (for free)

(not tried yet - todo)

Script to make SlimServer follow what's playing in iTunes

Bit dirty but it works! Easier to manage than with the SlimServer web interface

Potion Factory Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Tangerine

Analyses BPM of iTunes songs to generate playlists to match your mood


Play iTunes music and view iPhoto photos using an Xbox 360 connected to your network

KennettNet - PodUtil

Free, elegant solution to transfer music from an iPod Cover Search Engine

Very handy for adding album art to iTunes

iLounge Forums - How To Copy songs from your iPod to your hard drive


Browse a graphical stack of CDs, including their covers


Import album art and other useful playlisty things

HOWTO Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software


Sleep timer for iTunes

Andy Budd::Blogography: iTunes Smart Playlists

Intelligent approach to organising your iTunes collection

BBC NEWS | Business | iTunes under fire over UK pricing