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🎉 Jekyll’s default Minima theme now has #microformats baked in to its templates. Really pleased to see my pull request merged in the latest gem release. #indieweb

Jekyll on Heroku

Speed up your Jekyll builds

JSON Feed for Jekyll

Reposted Venntro Development Venntro Development’s post on Twitter
New post: "Automating the build and deployment of our team site with Jekyll, GitHub, Travis, S3 and CloudFront"


Jekyll plugin adding a Liquid tag to use Cloudinary for optimized responsive posts images

Migrating from Jekyll+Github Pages to Hugo+Netlify

Sending webmentions from Travis CI using Jekyll-Indieweb on Netlify


Slick GitHub Pages comments system that creates files in your repo

Introducing Webhook Mentions

Webhook Mentions is a very simple Ruby app I’ve built that sends Webmentions to any links in new/updated posts in a Jekyll-powered GitHub Pages site marked up with Microformats 2 h-entry markup.

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Micropub endpoint that publishes posts to jekyll by committing to GitHub

Setting up CloudFront and TLS (HTTPS) with Jekyll

Watching this Jekyll pull request for incremental regeneration of Jekyll sites with huge interest. The prospect of selective rebuilds makes using Jekyll much more attractive for sites with large numbers of small posts (like this one).

Poole for Jekyll

Example templates, pages, posts, and styles for Jekyll

Using Jekyll and GitHub Pages for Our Site

Meet the Obama campaign's $250 million fundraising platform

Commentary on how they optimised conversion and reduced page load times. Backed by Jekyll and S3/Akamai hosting.

Creating Redirects with Jekyll

Run Your Jekyll Site On Heroku

Describes use of Heroku’s new custom buildpack to generate the site at build time - much cleaner.

Publishing a Blog with GitHub Pages and Jekyll