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A Ruby interface for Web Services


Mac iTunes mini controller with scrobbling, themes and a companion iPhone app for controlling playback of music (reverse Remote)

Spotify <3

Tools and scripts to make the most of your account from Spotify and vice versa

Sexy Music Album Overlays

Could be handy to use for showing recent album listens from

soundamus - personalized feeds of new and upcoming music releases

Put in your username and it’ll give you an RSS feed or .ics of your favourite artists’ upcoming album releases


Automatically tag your music collection with metadata from – Quality Control

Graphs, meters, warning bears and lots and lots of tools. How keeps running

LastGraph: barryf

My music profile and timeline Tumblr Weekly Top Artists

Muxtape Recommendations

Yahoo Pipes service that suggests muxtapes that match your favourites artists from

Blogging from the Ballpit looks a very cool place to work. My last office involved much throwing of balls, but have taken it up to 11.

ScrobblePod - for your iPod

Sophiestication | CoverSutra

I’m trying this out and am so far impressed. It Scrobbles, adds key and Apple Remote support to iTunes and looks damn pretty. When something’s this well executed I don’t mind paying, even if I can do most of the functions using separate applications. - me

Only ~33%

SlimScrobbler @

SlimServer plugin to submit listening data to