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How we registered a UK trademark without a lawyer


Generate terms of use, privacy policy and other legal documents

The Better Payment Practice Campaign

Advice and tips to help small businesses get paid Amazon S3 SLA

Email notices and email footers | OUT-LAW.COM

UK Limited company email footers need the registered address and number


Arsenal are attempting to trademark the word “gooner”.

Parking tickets - get off free!

“If you ever get a parking ticket on a single or double yellow line check that they have bars at the end. If not they are invalid”

David Heinemeier Hansson says No to Use of Rails Logo

DHH’s position is that you can use the name to refer to the brand, but not in a way that suggests an official santioning.

Inside IT: A picture paints a thousand invoices | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology

Copyright. Don’t steal images and put them on your website. Simple.


Buy legal documents to setup UK companies - recommended by Ryan Carson at the Future of Web Apps conference

Technovia: What to do when a PC goes wrong

Very very useful guide. I had no idea about my rights until reading this.