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Your Social Media Fingerprint

Shows which sites you’re logged in to via a simple browser technique.

10 tips for a better login page and process

Showing Passwords on Log-In Screens

Why you should do so (by @lukew)

Login Screen – behind the scenes — GoSquared - Blog

Sweat the details

NoamB/sorcery - GitHub

“Sorcery is a stripped-down, bare-bones authentication library, with which you can write your ownauthentication flow”. Examples for Rails 3 and Sinatra.

"Login" is not a verb

Authenticating Users with Facebook Connect

(Buried deep in the docs)

12 Excellent Examples of “Lazy Registration”

Describes the practice of not obstructing the user with signup forms and gaining trust/loyalty so that they want to add their details

Twitter API Wiki / Sign in with Twitter

Details of how to use Twitter to authenticate users via OAuth, pitching it head-to-head with Facebook and Google.

Rate limiting with memcached

Great idea for limiting access attempts using memcached rather than repeated database hits. Suggested use is resisting dictionary password attacks; could also be used for resisting spammers

ID Selector - Making OpenID easier

Drop down button to select popular OpenID providers - for newbs

Restful Authentication with all the bells and whistles


“An open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.” - The No Shit Guide To Supporting OpenID In Your Applications