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I’m launching a new side project today! Indie Map is a public IndieWeb social graph and dataset. It’s a complete crawl of 2300 of the most active IndieWeb sites, sliced and diced and rolled up in a few useful ways: Social graph API and interactive…

London’s Best Commuter Towns

Map with scoring for commuting time, life satisfaction and house prices

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The most amazing map about Europe? What % of 25-34 year olds live with their parents. By country @EU_Eurostat data

3D maps of every Underground station


3G and 4G LTE Mobile Coverage Map


Map service with free and commercial licensing. Used by Foursquare. Tile creation tool.

Google Maps free alternatives

gMap - Google Maps Plugin For jQuery

Geospatial Indexing - MongoDB

Now supports “order by distance from”

Google Web Elements

Embed Google things (maps, calendars, searches, comments, etc.) on your site

Get Lat Lon - find the latitude and longitude of a point on a map

Drag a gmap around and get the lat/lon


Awesome UK property search engine with a lovely endless-scrolling dynamic interface

Worldwide Social Network Market Share

How different areas of the world prefer different social networking apps. It’s not just about Facebook…

mySociety » Travel-time maps

Map porn - various maps showing journey times on public transport from around London and journey vs average house prices. Fascinating yet depressing for first time buyers wanting to live and work in London.

Who has the world's oil vs who consumes it


Automatic shadow maker for Google Maps icons

WriteMaps Site Map Application: Create, edit, and share your sitemaps online.

Hungry Machine Blog: Super fast IP to lat/lng in Rails – The smarter way to find local businesses

Great UK based (London first) community review thing finding directory site

TubeJP: London Tube Journey Planner

Google Maps mashup with Tube/bus routes