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Automation service, similar to IFTTT

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

What if Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski? “I stand before thee tainted with remorse, and beg thy mercy; I am overcome. A pox upon’t, Knave; let us play at ninepins.”

Add the #movember hashtag to a tweet linking to a photo of your Movember tache to join the gallery.

Introduction to Netflix API Documentation

How to document an API. Thoroughly


Intermediate between publishers and subscribers. Claims to support HTTP callbacks to remove need for polling. Supports multiple formats/protocols: XMPP, REST, etc.

Muxtape Recommendations

Yahoo Pipes service that suggests muxtapes that match your favourites artists from

Streaming a Muxtape to external Airfoil speakers

“Peter is using Fluid to run Muxtape as a pseudo-standalone application and Airfoil to stream the audio around his house.”

Archie In… A Different Class!

Archie comic text panels rewritten with Pulp lyrics

FoodFeed - What are you eating?

Another app built on Twitter. Pretty damn sexy too

mySociety » Travel-time maps

Map porn - various maps showing journey times on public transport from around London and journey vs average house prices. Fascinating yet depressing for first time buyers wanting to live and work in London.


Similar idea to foamee - show appreciation to a friend


Another social Twitter bot. Great idea, well executed

Let them sing it for you

Type words and it will play sound clips of the words from music

NoseRub - The home of decentralized, social networks

Aggregate all your friends’ stuff in one place

TubeJP: London Tube Journey Planner

Google Maps mashup with Tube/bus routes

Extate: property search engine

Ajax, GMap, search text

RFacebook (formerly RBook): a Ruby Client for Facebook API 1.0

YouTube - thomas the tank v 50 cent

Adactio Austin

Jeremy’s GMap/Calendar mashup. Good example of behaviour separation

SEOmoz :: AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup