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Microblogging with Serverless - Matt Moriarity

Microblogging / Paul Robert Lloyd

PRL on Facebook, Twitter, and IndieWeb technologies.

Way back in 2006, long before Slack, a few colleagues and I ran a little tumblelog/microblog at the very cool URL (sadly no longer live) to share the interesting stuff we’d found. I especially liked the way posts and comments were presented inline.

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Wednesday #100DoPP d97 Setup microblog/@t Great #microformats & #indieweb support! rel=me h-feed Micropub ...
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Wednesday #100DoPP d97 Setup Great #microformats & #indieweb support! rel=me h-feed Micropub WebSub etc. is using Micropub as their standard modern posting API: * For publishing,…

Business/group focused microblogging Twittery tool. Like Yammer, but seems nicer

Asaph Microblog

Crazily simple tumblelog system that makes it trivial to post quotations and images in an attractive grid-based layout. PHP and MySQL.