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hCard Creator

Fill in the form and it’ll generate the HTML for you

More on developing naming conventions, Microformats and HTML5

Good idea. Why not use HTML5 compatible class and ID naming conventions? - Share and remix data using open standards

Bringing together lots of fun stuff in one place

mofo - a ruby microformat parser

Hpricot-based Ruby Microformats parser

mf-optimus - Google Code

Open source code for the Optimus microformats transformer (in PHP)

Adactio: Journal - Semantic brevity

Practical examples of using microformats neatly and naturally


Rails plugin extracted from Dopplr that extends your User model to add contacts from the user’s Gmail, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and any Microformats supporting site

The Best microformats Resources for Web 2.0 Developers

Microformats Bookmarklet

Microformats Wiki - Sumo! A Generic Microformats Parser For JavaScript

Mike's Musings: Adding handlers to Operator

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Operator

Firefox extension or Microformats