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🎉 Jekyll’s default Minima theme now has #microformats baked in to its templates. Really pleased to see my pull request merged in the latest gem release. #indieweb

IndieWeb Authorship testing tool


web feed parser and normalizer (XML w/ Atom or RSS, JSON Feed, HTML w/ Microformats e.g. h-entry/h-feed, Feed.TXT w/ YAML & Markdown, etc.)

Liked Shane Becker Shane Becker’s post on Twitter
The microformats Ruby parser has been completely rewritten and is almost completely spec compliant.


X-Ray returns structured JSON data from any URL. Potentially useful for extracting reply contexts: it follows authorship and comments presentation rules and constructs a simplified set of data.

Further background:


a lightweight cross browser JavaScript microformats parser


JavaScript Microformats parser


Service to convert hCalendar and hCard microformatted pages into ics and vcf files.

Social Graph Explorer (me)

Sucks out data about you from Google’s Social Graph API, microformats and RSS feeds

Neil Crosby's vCard

Microformats enabled vCard - for reference

vCard for Developers

How to construct and serve a vCard

Portable Social Networks, The Building Blocks Of A Social Web

Good summary of many of the social buzzwords flying around

Microformats vector logo

hCard to vCard generator/translator

Compound Microformats

hCardMapper - How to use hCards to fill in forms

Example of filling out a form by importing your hCard from a URL

hkit - Google Code

PHP microformats parser

openswitch: Incorporating hAtom into Textpattern

hcard - Microformats

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

Represent human relationships with links