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Micropub PR published today! 🎉 This is the last step before REC status! We'd love your impl reports and feedback!


Micropub client for posting audio files (mostly podcasts) to your site.

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Trying out – another online Micropub client besides the Quill one. Great to be able to pick between different ones and this one feels to be especially great for those who constructs their own Micropub endpoints as it very cl…
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Today in Things I Should Have Done Ages Ago... I finally started adding support to Quill for editing posts. I'm going to have to build this out one by one for each post interface Quill supports, so I started with the easiest one, favorites. Eventua…
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@voxpelli I was just reading that! Sure, I’ll take a look and file a report for Micropublish.

In reply to Aaron Parecki‘s post “Day 49: Beginning the Cli…” on is the test suite and debugging tool for the Micropub spec. Currently it only has tools for testing your Micropub servers. Today I began the process of adding tools for testing your Micropub clients. What I've got so far is an interf…

👍 Looking forward to giving this a try with Micropublish, Aaron.

Micropublish 2

Today I pushed a rebuild of my Micropub client, Micropublish, live to The source is on GitHub. 

I’ve squeezed it out just before the end of 2016 so that I meet my IndieWeb commitment. For the first time I’m now able to edit posts on this site and delete (or undelete) them if needed. 

There are a couple of things I want to improve, but it’s ready for use. If you have a compatible site I’d welcome you to kick the tyres and let me know how you get on.

My 2017-01-01 IndieWeb commitment is to complete my rewrite of Micropublish to support Micropub updates, deletes and undeletes. My site’s Micropub endpoint supports these methods so I now need to bring my client up to date.


I’m happy to say this site is now running my new IndieWeb microblogging software, Transformative, which I’ve open-sourced on GitHub.

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Command line micropub client

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I'm excited to announce that Micropub is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation! Three Years of Incubation and Selfdogfooding Micropub began in 2013 when I outlined a simple API to create blog posts and short notes for my website, and then imp…

Micropub is now a @W3C CR. Congratulations to @aaronpk and all the #indieweb contributors.

With this news I’m excited to see further clients and servers start to emerge. I’ve been using Micropub as the only method of posting to this site since January 2015 but I’ve yet to add in full update/delete capabilities. Time to get hacking.


Micropub endpoint that publishes posts to jekyll by committing to GitHub

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Just published new working drafts of Webmention and Micropub! Thanks to everyone for their contributions to these updated drafts!

I’m excited to read about Manton Reece‘s upcoming microblog platform, especially as he seems keen to support Micropub and Webmention.

Announcing Micropublish: the tool I use to post on my personal #indieweb site via #micropub

(I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now to post everything on here, including this post).