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Quarter of tweens on social networks

“A quarter of UK internet users aged eight to 12 had profiles on Facebook, Bebo or MySpace last year, research has found, although the lowest minimum age set on any of the sites is 13.” “44% of children between 12 and 15 thought downloading shared copies of films and music for free should not be illegal.”

Taking social networks abroad - Why MySpace and Facebook are failing in Japan

Partnering with local providers in Japan has provided success for Yahoo. Mobile more important than web for accessing services

Worldwide Social Network Market Share

How different areas of the world prefer different social networking apps. It’s not just about Facebook…

Children flock to social networks

“More than a quarter of eight to 11-year-olds who are online in the UK have a profile on a social network”

Screenshots And Details On Upcoming MySpace “News Feeds”

NoseRub - The home of decentralized, social networks

Aggregate all your friends’ stuff in one place Myspace custom style remover

Greasemonkey script for removing a MySpace profile page’s style.

Mike Davidson: Hacking A More Tasteful MySpace

Just what the casual MySpace-curious web-savvy geek needs. Far too much nested table gunk for me to be bothered to figure out but Mike’s done the hard work. Nice.