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How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data

Migrating from utf8 to utf8mb4 in MySQL

Be productive with the MySQL command line

Pager, edit and tee. /via @timblair

Lanyrd's Big Move

Moving from MySQL to Postgres


MySQL replication listener based on ruby-binlog. Kodama provides a simple DSL to easily write your own replication listener. Can be used to do things like replicate from MySQL to Postgres, etc.

5 subtle ways you’re using MySQL as a queue, and why it’ll bite you

Percona on why MySQL (or any database) is a bad choice for a queue

Deploying a massively scalable recommender system with Apache Mahout

Uses Hadoop to do the heavy lifting and MySQL for the datastore

Automatic Reconnection of MySQL Connections in Active Record

Active Record since version 2.3 supports this reconnect option. Per default it’s set to false, but it can be enabled by adding reconnect = true to database options in database.yml.

Saying Yes to NoSQL; Going Steady with Cassandra

Commentary of Digg’s move from MySQL to NoSQL through Cassandra

Riding Rails: Upgrading to Snow Leopard

Rails specific instructions, including Passenger, MySQL, Macports

Peeping into memcached

Find out what’s happening under the memcached covers. With examples on how to buld load the data into MySQL for analysis.

Sphinx 0.9.9-rc2 - with SphinxQL

It now pretends to be a MySQL database so you can write SELECT queries

2009 Rubyist's guide to a Mac OS X development environment

Up-to-date (currently) opinionated list of the author’s Mac Rails setup with Git, MySQL, Vim, gems and Fluid apps

xtrabackup-0.3, binaries and stream backup

Hot backup InnoDB databases to a remote box via a stream

Jet Profiler for MySQL

Java desktop MySQL profiler using native commands such as SHOW PROCESSLIST

Documents about MySQL query optimization

How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data

Compressed python pickles are stored in an entities table with other tables storing indexes of this data. Uses normal MySQL replication and transactions via InnoDB but without time-consuming index rebuilds whenever they add features.


Perl script that suggets improvements to your MySQL config

Sequel Pro – MySQL database management app for Mac OS X

CocoaMySQL with a pretty skin

Obtaining the Master Replication Information on MySQL 5