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MG Siegler on Facebook’s Instant Articles:

Facebook has put everyone else on notice. Your content better load fast or you’re screwed.

While I’m not overly keen on the prospect of content moving within Facebook’s walled garden, if it means existing news sites have to up their game and improve their dog-slow, bloated, marketing-led, advert-riddled mobile web experiences then we all benefit.

What Snapchat Might Do Next With Discover

Analysis by @losowsky on how Snapchat Discover could evolve to become a major tool for publishers

Today's Guardian (Phil Gyford’s website)

…and here’s creator Phil’s background to why he built it.

Today's Guardian

A completely different way of reading The Guardian online, more like the printed newspaper with a sense of reading from a beginning to the end. Less friction and interruptions too.

jQuery liScroll - a jQuery News Ticker

I’d rather never have to use this, but just in case, it’s a news ticker scroller thing

Stoooopid .... why the Google generation isn’t as smart as it thinks

Attention spans waning, distractions increasing, kids interested only in gossip. We’re doomed! Doomed!